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Clubs are more than just a group of athletes playing sport. Clubs are a community that cares for eachother. What better way to care for a community than understanding the people within it.

Benefits for Clubs


Introduce Member Benefits

Improve your Community


iNSPIRE provides clubs and organisations with an opportunity to step up in the athlete-wellness space. Clubs who take on iNSPIRE become innovative leaders in their field, allowing them to introduce greater benefits to the members of their organisation.


Collect key data insights

Find where the change is needed


As athletes track their wellness, the data is recorded and compiled by the the iNSPIRE team and presented to coaches and club owners. Alternatively, clubs can pull reports on any variable with the simple click of a button. This data can be used by clubs and organisations to identify trends in their athlete’s wellness and make guided decisions to positively impact the club.


Support the mental health of young athletes

Show initiative

With an increased focus on mental health support for athletes, more and more people are searching for a solution. The iNSPIRE platform allows clubs and organisations to implement a mental health solution as athletes are provided with content on key areas of their wellness. By doing so, organisations can have peace of mind when it comes to caring for their athletes.

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